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Category Archives: Criminal Defense

What Are Your Bail Options In A Criminal Case?

When a criminal court requires you to post bail, you have several options. Depending on how high the bail is set, your resources and the expenses involved, you can evaluate which type of bail works best for your situation. Court clerks operate based on Maryland Court Rule 4-217 Bail bonds, which the legal basis for… Read More »

Is Imprisonment My Only Option if Convicted of Possession of Illegal Drugs?

Maryland law tries to focus on drug addiction solutions in an effort to reduce the number of drug-related crimes. An experienced drug crime attorney can help determine if the courts find you a good candidate for a drug treatment program, and negotiate a plea agreement that can help you move toward a brighter future. The… Read More »

How Can an Attorney Defend Against High Blood Alcohol Test Results?

If your blood alcohol content (BAC) tests beyond the legal limit, you may feel that you have no defense from severe penalties. However, an experienced defense lawyer has a number of ways to refute the evidence against you. And, if you have an otherwise clean driving record, your attorney can often negotiate a plea agreement… Read More »

Why Are Miranda Rights Important After an Arrest?

When police place you under arrest for a crime, they immediately begin a process of collecting evidence to prove your guilt. However, the law does not require you to assist them in developing a case against you. Even innocent people may say things that make them sound guilty, and those words can follow them to… Read More »

Do DUI Laws Ever Change in Maryland?

As technology and other aspects of life change, laws must change, too. State legislatures look at existing data to help identify outdated laws, as well as those no longer protect the public. Since drunk driving in Maryland continues to be a serious threat to public safety, the legislature remains vigilant for changes they need to… Read More »

Do I Need a Lawyer if I Face Misdemeanor Criminal Charges?

Even though Maryland law views misdemeanor crimes as less serious than felony crimes, anyone convicted of a misdemeanor offense faces potentially severe penalties, including fines and prison time. If police arrest you for any misdemeanor charge, you need to immediately take advantage of your Miranda rights by stating your intention to remain silent — and… Read More »

Can Maryland Police Search Me for Drugs Without a Warrant?

In many cases, your Constitutional rights can protect you from a search of your person, vehicle or home by police. However, police can conduct a search under specific circumstances. If police place you under arrest on any type of drug charges, always be prepared to fully describe the entire arrest process to an experienced Maryland… Read More »