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When Does The Court Order An Ignition Interlock Device?

DUI (driving under the influence) is the most common legal charge where drivers end up using an Ignition Interlock Device (IID). IIDs are often discretionary, but Maryland courts make use of an IID mandatory for second and subsequent DUI convictions.

However, the Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) says that a District Court, the Office of Administrative Hearings and the Medical Advisory Board (MAB) can all order a driver to use an IID for reasons such as accumulated driving points, repeated offenses or violations of previously imposed driving restrictions.

When you are more concerned about suspended driving privileges from DUI conviction than avoiding an IID, you can enroll in the Maryland IID program. The IID connects to your car’s ignition system and prevents you from starting the vehicle when you fail to pass the breath test. You must blow into the device, which measures any breath-alcohol content. Once driving, the device requires rolling re-tests, which are random breath samples done while driving. Before shutting off the car’s engine, you also must submit a breath sample. Failure to submit breath samples makes your horn start beeping until you blow into the device.

Every 30 days, you must take your car to the IID service provider who inspects the device for proper operation and tampering and also downloads and sends all device information to the Maryland MVA. The device records information every time you provide a breath sample and start or stop the car and indicates the number of miles traveled. Violations (failed breath samples or no breath samples for rolling re-test or starting or stopping the engine) add time to the requirement period for using the IID.

Your criminal defense lawyer can argue to help you obtain an IID instead of a suspended license or to help you avoid an IID. Your attorney can also defend you against alleged violations when using an IID.

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